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MetaMoJi Note is a note and sketchbook app, PDF annotation tool, voice memo and digital scrapbook for your life. Capture your ideas anytime with quick voice recordings, advanced handwriting recognition and handwriting to text conversion, or annotate Office and PDF documents. Use the app as a high resolution sketchbook with a vast color wheel palette, pastel colors and advanced calligraphy pens. MetaMoJi Note is a virtual whiteboard for sketching, annotation, scrapbooking or digital mashup of notes and voice.

MetaMoJi Note is the only note-taking app available across all major mobile platforms. Winner of multiple awards: Tabby Award for Best Personal Productivity App – Silver Stevie® Award for International Business – Finalist for Appy Award for Productivity – #1 Productivity App in Japan

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MetaMoJi Note

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MetaMoJi Share

MetaMoJi Share is a team collaboration app which allows users to co-edit a document together in real time.

MetaMoJi Share acts as an interactive whiteboard for team note taking and document sharing with active participants connected electronically around the world.

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MetaMoJi Share for Business

Please NOTE:

To use MetaMoJi Share for Business you will need a company ID, username and password. If you do not have an account then you can start a free trial or contact sales to get this information.


Yacho is a state-of-the-art app that digitizes the paper forms and workbooks used on construction and engineering sites. Yacho makes it possible to record many types of information, create flexible to-do lists and to prioritize items and inspection results. Users can transform their notes into sophisticated organization plans, assessment reports and action lists; all from their Yacho documents.

Yacho helps to capture structured and un-structured information such as forms and freeform notes. Yacho is used in the areas of construction and civil engineering and by other industries involving field based activities. Information comes in many forms and Yacho is designed to help you capture it quickly and efficiently. The app combines the flexibility of pen and paper with digital media, captured directly from your tablet.

Yacho is based on the multi-award winning platform "MetaMoJi Note". It allows users to annotate PDF documents, handwrite or type notes, draw diagrams using a wide selection of pen styles and colors, sketch designs, take photographs, capture web-pages and audio. Mix all of these together in a fully scalable and editable workbook.



Mazec offers you handwriting input as an alternative to your keyboard within any app on your device. If you want to write an email, make a social post or quickly jot your notes, mazec handwriting input technology offers you a speedy alternative to handwrite the message instead of using a keyboard.

The Mazec handwriting input method app offers extremely accurate handwriting recognition and predictive text to intelligently guess your handwriting on the fly. It even allows you to enrich the dictionary with your own favorite terms and phrases, or your favorite URL’s and email addresses.


Handwriting input method


Palu is a communication tool that allows quick and easy sharing of calendars. Palu is different from other calendar applications in that your daily entries can be handwritten and include photographs and sketches. The application is well suited for use among family members and friends to capture appointments or capture feelings through drawing and photography.



Shared Handwriting Calendar


Su-Pen is a new stylus , designed for the iPad and iPhone. The Su-Pen combines high-quality materials with master craftsmanship to provide a superior writing and drawing experience. The result is a highly durable, visually superior stylus product that delivers superb performance.