MetaMoJi Launches The Su-Pen – A Durable, High Quality Stylus That Enriches The Handwriting Experience On iPad And iPhone.

Su-Pen brings a stylish, durable stylus, made by Japanese stationery craftsmen, to iPad and iPhone users with high quality ink and exceptional feedback through its special conductive nib. MetaMoJi , the provider of the leading mobile applications ‘Note Anytime’ and ‘7notes”, is proud to announce the launch of their original stylus “Su-Pen” to the US.

Note Anytime for Windows 8 Metro Combines Elegant Sketching and Handwriting Recognition

Note Anytime for Windows 8 Metro Ui is a free note taking app providing stylish pens and paper, PDF annotation capability, stunning vector-based graphic quality and social sharing in a Metro native app. Today MetaMoJi Corporation launched its revolutionary note taking software, Note Anytime for the new Windows 8 Metro OS. This free note taking

Note Anytime Sparks a Revival in Penmanship with Advanced Calligraphy Features

The advanced calligraphy features of the newly released Note Anytime for iPad offer the most stylized lettering and sketching capabilities within a simple note taking interface. When Steve Jobs first designed the Macintosh, it launched a revolution in desktop publishing. After hearing Steve Jobs explain at Stanford University how calligraphy was the core inspiration to