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Note Anytime Blog: Major pharmaceutical company uses Note Anytime as an app of choice

Hidefumi Watanabe, administration chief at a major international pharmaceutical company, introduces Note Anytime at meetings to reduce company’s use of pen and paper records.

Flick! Digital: Flick! Digital interviews MetaMoJi Founders of Note Anytime

MetaMoJi President, Kazunori Ukigawa, and executive director, Hatsuko Ukigawa, were interviewed by flick! but quickly turned the tables to find out how Flick editor Takuta Murakami creatively uses Note Anytime on his own iPad.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is the note-taking app of choice for famous Japanese elementary school

Kamikatsu township recovers from terrible winter disaster by introducing iPads to their school’s curriculum – and use the Note Anytime app to teach the children the fundamentals of calligraphy and recycling.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is the best note-taking tool for live interactive presentations

  As a working palette during a live meeting, Note Anytime replaces slides and provides a vast active white space, limitless zooming in and out (up to 50X) and a jump feature to quickly navigate to any part of the sketch or...

Android AppTests: Note Anytime arrives for Android

Kurzvideo zu Note Anytime.  Den vollständigen Testbericht und Review findet ihr demnächst hier.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is a powerful tool for note taking and music score annotations for award-winning orchestra conductor

Musical visionary Alan Pierson, conductor of the acclaimed ensemble Alarm Will Sound, uses Note Anytime’s rich features to annotate, mark, and take notes on musical scores.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is powerful virtual whiteboard for venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley

Financial planner Chris Andrews uses Note Anytime and MetaMoJi’s Su-Pen stylus to diagram and annotate his financial plans during meetings with clients.

Note Anytime Blog: Try Note Anytime if you don’t trust your memory!

The Note Anytime app lets you mix the text of your notes with photos, graphics and all the elements of a digital scrapbook to capture memory and thoughts in a rich file that can be safely saved and stored.

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