Note Anytime Blog: Try Note Anytime if you don’t trust your memory!

The Note Anytime app lets you mix the text of your notes with photos, graphics and all the elements of a digital scrapbook to capture memory and thoughts in a rich file that can be safely saved and stored.


Don’t trust your memory? Try Note Anytime!



If you have a tendency to forget details and have to jot down your daily to-do list, or inspiration of the moment, you are not alone. As our lives get more complicated, networked, password protected – we all have to push the limits of our mental capabilities trying to remember all this annoying information.  Or we can be old-fashioned and opt for pen and paper, usually in the form of small pads scattered around the house!

That may have worked great for our parents, but we may have reached a new limit in the amount of info we can process onto little pads of paper! The problem with pads or post-it notes, is that sheets have been known to mysteriously disappear, coffee spills, accidents happen… and to make things worse, paper clips and staples don’t really help sorting all these notes. 

What we need is a smart writing app that can take our basic notes –  but that doesn’t stop there. If you need to take notes, there is a good chance that you also enjoy drawing or sketching. What if you wanted to mix text with photos, graphics and create a unique digital scrapbook work? How about easily moving elements around the page and resizing them until you are satisfied with the result? To keep all these photos, notes, and images organized, you need a good note management system. But why stop there, you should also be able to annotate a PDF file (we are in full tax season!) Who doesn’t need to sign or initialize documents every now and then?

All of this and more is available in Note Anytime (on IOS, Windows and soon Android). 
Does all this sound too good to be true? See what has to say about it and why you should download this app now.

Did I mention that the app was free?

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