App Comrade: Note anytime takes note-taking to the next level

Note Anytime is simply amazing and it takes note-taking to the next level. This app has everything you would want in a note app and much, much more. The reason Note Anytime is so good is because it’s not just limited to the classroom. This app is so powerful it can handle taking notes for

Press Release: MetaMoJi’s Notable Note-Taking App Upgrades User Experience Across All Mobile Platforms

MetaMoJi Corp. today released version 2.0 of its multi-award-winning note-taking and productivity app, Note Anytime, rolling out a host of new features for users. With Note Anytime, users get an intuitive platform with outstanding authoring capabilities that allow users to capture inspiration anywhere, anytime.

Tab Times: 5 best iPad apps for team collaboration and brainstorming

Winner of a recent TabTimes’ Tabby Award, Note Anytime has distinguished itself as a powerful collaborative whiteboard tool. It is extremely accurate with stylus or touch input and can be used for PDF and document annotation, whiteboard brainstorming and as a vector graphic sketching tool. Its versatility has allows its use to spread from business collaboration