Note Anytime Sparks a Revival in Penmanship with Advanced Calligraphy Features

The advanced calligraphy features of the newly released Note Anytime for iPad offer the most stylized lettering and sketching capabilities within a simple note taking interface. When Steve Jobs first designed the Macintosh, it launched a revolution in desktop publishing. After hearing Steve Jobs explain at Stanford University how calligraphy was the core inspiration to his design, MetaMoJi announced it will release today a set of inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs written in highly stylized calligraphy lettering, free for download from the application item library.

While technology has done more to connect human expression than ever before, typewritten letters and memos can often seem impersonal and cold, causing a barrier to true self -expression. Note Anytime was designed to bridge the gap between creative self-expression and digital technology. With the advanced virtual calligraphy pen feature and a good stylus, users will be able to achieve highly stylized lettering quality with input function as simple as writing on a virtual whiteboard.

Note Anytime represents an evolutionary leap in how users interact with digital information. Apple related computer journalist Nobi Hayashi explains as follows, “Digital technology in the 20th century was too immature; it was good enough to give dreams to technology-minded people but it was not good enough to re-flourish the rich analog culture we had in the pre-digital age. A very important mission for us in the early 21st century is to have living, rich analog expression of culture, even on digital devices. Apple has been doing it with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Now MetaMoJi of Japan, the inventor of Japanese text input, has joined forces in this mission, first with ‘7 Notes’ and now with ‘Note Anytime.’ It is such an interesting coincidence that one of the strong points of ‘Note Anytime’ happens to be the use of calligraphic expression; the expression that inspired Steve Jobs a quarter century ago.”
Calligraphy, or the art of beautiful lettering, is the study of ornate and hand drawn letter forms, focusing on the aesthetic quality, fluid lines, and expressive brush strokes of the artist. Apple founder Steve Jobs claimed that a calligraphy class he took at university was his inspiration to make the Mac the first computer to feature beautiful typographic tools.
MetaMoJi designed Note Anytime as an interactive productivity tool for today’s mobile lifestyle. The advanced digital engine behind Note Anytime provides highly stylized lettering quality, just like natural handwriting. Whether the user is on a tablet, a mobile phone or a desktop machine, they can take a Note Anytime around all of their digital data – just as naturally as jotting or sketching notes with pen on paper. Cross platform support is provided through industry standard input and output formats, like PDF and JPEG. Upcoming versions on Windows and other platforms will make it easy for users to “carry” the virtual notepad around from the home to the office or to easily share with their friends and family.

Note Anytime uses advanced algorithms when emulating a calligraphic pen to ensure that the experience for the user remains fast and smooth, like real ink on paper. Since Note Anytime creates its lettering using vector shapes, the complexity of creating realistic calligraphy lines is many times that of a single thickness, standard pen. Custom vector optimization techniques allow Note Anytime to perform these additional calculations much more quickly, while retaining the quality of lettering. Users can still work with calligraphic content in the same way as a standard pen, with very little processing power overhead.

Note Anytime provides two default calligraphic pen styles to allow people to quickly improve the quality of their written letters. This allows those without any calligraphic training to still use elegant lettering to express their feelings in their writing. For calligraphy artists, there is an optional advanced pen that allows much further configuration of the style. Note Anytime will offer a series of “Steve’s quotes” to go along with Note Anytime’s virtual quill pen. “Steve’s quotes” can be downloaded from free from the Item Library within the application.

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