Press Release: Note Anytime for iPad Launches a Revolution in Note Taking Software with Release Today

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

MetaMoJi Corporation launches today a paradigm shift in note taking software with its release of Note Anytime for the iPad, available for free from the App Store. A generous variety of stylish pen and paper layouts, combined with a dynamic mashup function, allows users to write notes around any graphics in a space bigger than a virtual whiteboard. No other application on the market offers the rich and innovative toolset of Note Anytime. It provides for free, powerful capabilities that only the most expensive sketching tools offer – all with a simple user interface so intuitive a child can use it.

MetaMoJi designed Note Anytime as an interactive productivity tool for today’s mobile lifestyle. The advanced digital engine behind Note Anytime provides highly stylized lettering quality, just like natural handwriting. Whether the user is on a tablet or a mobile phone, they can take a Note Anytime around all of their digital data just as naturally as jotting or sketching notes with pen on paper. Cross platform support is provided through industry standard input and output formats, like PDF and JPEG. Upcoming versions on Windows and other platforms will make it easy for users to “carry” the virtual notepad around from the home to the office or to easily share with their friends and family.

The floating tool palette in Note Anytime offers a variety of pens, from simple markers to highly customizable calligraphy pens. The free version offers five different pen styles which can be easily configured for color, thickness and transparency. A number of pre-loaded paper designs range from notebooks and journals to daily and monthly diary planners. Pre-designed calligraphy pens, available from the in-App store, use spatial intelligence to provide perfect curves for those with poor handwriting. Innovative ink designs are also available for unusual features like pastel and gradient coloring features. The floating palette function of the toolset gives users the maximum amount of white space with a simple touch to collapse and expand menu options.

No other note taking application has as much flexibility for combining, annotating, editing and sharing creative content than Note Anytime. The expansive capabilities of Note Anytime are where the product really shines:
DYNAMIC MASHUP: Users can combine or “mashup” any number of elements and redesign in their composition: handwritten text, keypad input, photos from the device camera, jpeg graphics, a PDF file or even a web page.
PDF ANNOTATION: Even the free version of Note Anytime allows you to import a PDF file, markup and enhance and then output as a new PDF with a few simple clicks.
SCALING FUNCTIONS: With zoom levels of up to 50X scaling and the size of over 25 feet in diameter, no other note application can give you the powerful graphic and photo editing quality of Note Anytime. Users can shrink their creations down to the size of a sticky note or up to the size of a billboard while still maintaining 100% visual integrity.
WEB PAGE IMPORT AND EXPORT: Note Anytime acts as an interactive browser which allows users to go out to a website, import the site as a graphic and then markup, scale, rotate, annotate, and export the result as a high resolution jpeg graphic or PDF file.
HIGH RESOLUTION GRAPHICS AND TEXT: The vector based authoring tools in Note Anytime not only allow users to collapse or expand any graphic without losing visual integrity, but it also allows drawings to be saved as individual jpeg graphics into the item library for infinite reuse later. Even text boxes are treated like high resolution graphics which can be rotated, scaled or moved anywhere within your workspace.
SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING CAPABILITY: Unlike other note taking applications, Note Anytime allows users to easily output their new creations via email, social media sharing services (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), or saved to Dropbox. Note Anytime even offers convenient batch upload to its own cloud based storage service called Digital Cabinet with 2GB for free and additional space available.
iPad users will find that Note Anytime is an indispensable tool for a myriad of personal and professional uses and an integral part of a social media lifestyle. Because the product is offered free of charge, friends and colleagues can view content within the product itself or users can send it out easily via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Take advantage of the RETINA resolution in the new iPad and take a Note Anytime!

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