Press Release: Note Anytime for Windows 8 Metro combines elegant sketching and handwriting recognition

Note Anytime for Windows 8 Metro Ui is a free, note taking app providing stylish pens and paper, PDF annotation capability, stunning vector-based graphic quality and social sharing in a Metro native app.

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    Note Anytime is the Best Metro Native Sketching App for Windows 8

    The simple interface hides the elegant and advanced lettering capability and vector based curve correction of this remarkable note taking program. Optional calligraphy pen provides perfect curve correction for bad handwriting.

    Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

    Today MetaMoJi Corporation launched its revolutionary note taking software, Note Anytime for the new Windows 8 Metro OS. This free note taking app showcases the best of the mobile Windows experience with a dynamic tool for sketching, annotating, or marking up notes around virtually any graphic element or PDF file on your tablet. Because the product was written native to the mobile Windows Metro interface, the very best of the mobile experience is showcased in this innovative new sketching application.

    More than any other note taking app, Note Anytime provides a generous variety of stylish pen and paper layouts within the free application. The simple interface hides the elegant and advanced lettering capability and vector based curve correction of this remarkable note taking program. Optional upgrades even include an advanced calligraphy pen which provides perfect curve correction for bad handwriting in 13 different languages.

    MetaMoJi engineers built upon the primitive handwriting recognition features of the Windows 8 tool set and created a vastly superior handwriting recognition capability. Within Note Anytime, handwritten characters actually become visual object entities like any other graphic image. This allows users to have a complete line-editing experience whether they are in handwriting stroke mode, or keyboard input mode. Each letter is treated as a work of art. Users can fully edit each character or word by changing colors or line depth, adding advanced calligraphy or rotating text blocks as they mark up their sketching creation.

    Note Anytime was written natively to the user interface of the Metro Mobile desktop within Windows 8. Since Note Anytime is in Metro mode by default at startup, users don’t have to toggle to desktop mode to import graphics or annotate and append a document.

    Note Anytime goes beyond a standard note taking app because it also acts as an interactive browser and mail client. Users can go out to a web site, capture it as a graphic, write notes and sketches around it and then save it as another graphic or PDF to be shared via email or social networks. Annotating and marking up PDF files are just as easy. Since Note Anytime is written natively for the “charm” mode of Windows 8 mobile desktop, users can easily share their marked up creation with any other application within the Windows environment or send them out to Twitter, Facebook or Evernote.

    Because the product supports universal file formats like PDF and jpeg for both input and output, Note Anytime was designed for a mobile lifestyle. Cross platform support is ensured with Note Anytime for iPad as well as iPhone and Android versions still in development. The product also provides its own cloud based storage system called “Digital Cabinet” which provides an entire note taking environment sharing capability. With 2GB provided for free, Digital Cabinet allows users to share documents among different platforms. Users can share not only their sketches and notes, but also page style templates, individual drawing graphics which they have saved to their item library, annotated PDF’s, or any other original creation.

    International users will appreciate the advanced language features of Note Anytime. Each language has a handwriting recognition feature add on option which can intelligently detect and correct each language of handwriting with perfect curve styles. Users can also purchase a complete package called Note Anytime Premium which includes all add-on features bundled together in 13 languages for less than half the price for each feature individually. Note Anytime Premium is a collection of add-ons including 13 languages of handwriting recognition, multiple optional ink colors and many specialized paper layouts. Note Anytime is the ideal tool for today’s mobile lifestyle.

    Note Anytime for Windows 8 is available at Windows Marketplace:

    Note Anytime Premium is available from the Windows Marketplace:

    Note Anytime for iPad is available in the Apple Store:

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