7notes with mazec for Android OS Beta Now Available

Popular Note-taking App Now Available on Popular Smartphone – Demonstrating at CES in NEC Booth

SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 10, 2012

7knowledge Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smartphone devices, has announced the availability of its popular note-taking app 7notes in beta for Android OS.
With more than 200,000 Android apps available, and more than 4.5 billion apps installed as of mid 2011, Android OS smartphones have become a popular handset for consumers looking for ways to manage their lives on the go.
“Whether for work or life, consumers want an affordable, easy to use smartphone, and Google has done this beautifully with is Android OS smartphone,” said Kaz Ukigawa, CEO of 7knowledge. “As user adoption of Android continues to advance, it was a natural progression for us to develop a version of our popular note taking app 7notes for Android users.”
The newest addition to the 7notes family will deliver on 7Knowledge’s plans to offer solutions that eliminate barriers between smartphone and tablet users and their keyboards. 7knowledge recently released 7notes for Android Kindle Fire, and late last year, versions of the note taking apps for iPad and iPhone users.
7notes with mazec Beta for Android will features include:

Take a note on the fly
Notes to message on demand – handwriting recognition
Connect to E-mail, Evernote, Facebook and Twitter
“mazec” – Cross application handwriting input method
With 7notes proprietary state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software, users can take notes on the go with their fingers or a pen for Kindle Fire, and even switch between handwriting and keyboard entry with a single touch. Additionally consumers can use 7notes in other applications such as e-mail, Twitter, blog, etc. thanks to 7notes with mazec for android beta.

7notes’ Seven Benefits include:

1. Start taking notes, you can edit and decorate them later as you want
2. Take notes now, convert them later.
3. “mazec” , state-of-the-art predictive engine decrease note taking time
4. Fun to write and express your feeling with various input support features
5. Post to Facebook, Twitter and store at Evernote, Dropbox and other services by handling text and image in a smart manner
6. Interactive doodling with “Edit it” Server
7. Easy to create a curation note with image & web page

7notes for Android Beta is now available for download in the Android App Store until March 2012.

Representatives from 7Knowledge will be demonstrating 7notes with mazec for Android Beta at the NEC CES booth LVCC South 4 – 36259 Jan.10 -13, 2012.
For more information visit 7knowledge web site at http://product.metamoji.com/en/Android.html.

About 7knowledge, Corporation
7knowledge Corporation, subsidiary of Metamoji, was established by the founders of JustSystems (listed on JASDAQ) in 2011 to contribute to the advancement of human beings by providing innovative application and services. For more information about 7knowledge Corporation please visit http://product.metamoji.com

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