Latest release of MetaMoJi Share for Business targets agile, mobile project teams

A free 30-day trial of the latest version of MetaMoJi Share for Business is now available to the more than 3 billion consumers worldwide who are using smartphones and tablets compatible with Windows 8+, Apple iOS, and Google Android operating systems.

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MetaMoJi Share for Business is an advanced group communication application that facilitates enterprise-wide efficient operations, smooth communication among participants in real time, and a paperless office.


MetaMoJi Corporation, a leading global provider of business productivity and industry efficiency applications, has announced that companies worldwide using smartphones and tablets compatible with Windows 8+, Apple iOS, and Google Android operating systems can now download and use the latest version of MetaMoJi Share for Business.

Free 30-day trial offered for over 3 billion consumers 

MetaMoJi Share for Business is an advanced group communication application that facilitates enterprise-wide efficient operations, smooth communication among participants in real time, and a paperless office. 

The app targets agile, mobile project teams and is offered with a free 30-day trial accessible to more than 3 billion consumers worldwide: The Google Android edition of MetaMoJi Share for Business was added in November of last year, after Google revealed in September of this year that it had surpassed 1.4 billion 30-day global users of the Android operating system, which was specifically developed for touchscreen devices. Apple iOS devices also number over 1 billion and more than 1.2 billion people currently use Microsoft Office.

Superior group collaboration tool

The MetaMoJi Share for Business application is a superior tool for group collaboration in a mobile world of tablets and smart phones. The app was first successfully introduced last year for mobile use on Apple iPad and Microsoft Windows tablets. It can be set up and operate free of stress, with maximum applicability in its expanded MetaMoJi cloud environment. 

MetaMoJi Share for Business improves document review, material approvals, and collaborative presentations, working alongside existing meeting services, using subscribers’ current teleconferencing or VOIP service such as Skype. It enhances collaboration and presentation features to online meeting series such as WebEx and GoToMeeting. 

Global reach and secure control

Collaborators using MetaMoJi Share for Business can join a meeting from vastly distant locations, pass control securely back and forth using the unique “Take Chair” function, write comments for display, sketch drawings, and import photos and graphics to illustrate their ideas – all in real time. Unique auto syndication and capture features within the in-app cloud storage ensure an accurate and secure record of group interactions. 

MMD capable, competitively priced

All levels of the MetaMoJi Share for Business are MMD (massively multi-user documents) capable and can connect and manage up to one hundred users in real time interactions. Virtually all forms of conventional documentation can be uploaded straight from mobile devices and then can be changed and displayed within the Share app.

MetaMoJi for Business is competitively priced to permit smaller groups to arrange real-time on-line meetings at affordable prices even when meeting participants are connected from scattered locations across a city or around the world. Four inexpensive package options are offered: 

    •     Individual for single-meeting organizers



    •     Business Basic for small teams



    •     Business Pro for larger teams 



  •     Business Enterprise for larger distributions


Speed upgrade and customization

Whether operating within the MetaMoJi Cloud service or through client on-premise servers, users can instantly zoom inside the app to access or emphasize particular information, then reposition and scale any information captured to keep ideas flowing. Participants can record audio, take photographs, and insert additional images or web content during the course of a Share meeting.

MetaMoJi also announced that the speed of its upgraded MetaMoJi Cloud services was substantially increased this month and the user interface for this powerful user administration tool has been significantly improved. MetaMoJi also offers Business Enterprise clients solution consultancy when needed to customize and enhance Share for Business to the exact needs of the client.

About MetaMoJi Corporation

MetaMoJi is a premier application developer offering an advanced suite of products designed to be used by consumers, business and education. 

MetaMoJi is committed to producing applications that help people perform tasks more efficiently, allow organizations to improve their processes and deliver a consistent user experience across multiple mobile devices and platforms. Recent awards include a winning place at the 2015 International Business Awards, two Envisioneering awards at CES 2014, and Tabby and Appy awards. 

About MetaMoJi Share for Business

MetaMoJi Share for Business allows groups to collaborate on documents and virtual paper, in real-time. Bring together teams of meeting participants from anywhere in the world to share notes and to visually express their ideas in live interactive online meetings. The audio recording features ensure an accurate record of meeting minutes and offer an added boost to group productivity.

MetaMoJi Share for Business provides a toolbox of rich creativity tools that can be used by authorized meeting participants, and whose resulting content is shared immediately to everyone’s devices using an optimized streaming technology. Mix work documents, PDF content, text, handwriting, sketching, diagrams, photographs, web page captures, and more in real-time. Meeting organizers can restrict individual participants to specific roles during the meeting, and can control exactly what each device connected to the meeting sees. It is also possible for each individual to work on different parts of the document at the same-time – for example if preparing a document for a presentation.


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