MetaMoJi Executive Interviewed on Mobile Productivity Solutions for SuperbCrew

Today, the online magazine SuperbCrew published an interview with MetaMoJi’s Director of Communications Ben Walshaw about Mobile Productivity Solutions for Business


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Browse and screen grab websites in MetaMoJi Note

MetaMoJi’s apps have won awards ever since their introduction.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) May 06, 2015 

Today SuperbCrew published an interview of MetaMoJi’s Director of Communications, Ben Walshaw, about Mobile Productivity Solutions for Business. In it, Mr. Walshaw describes how MetaMoJi’s business and education solutions allow users to squeeze the most productivity out of their tablets and smartphones while out in the field, or within the office or classroom. 

Mr. Walshaw told Superbcrew staff about MetaMoJi’s pioneering founders Kaz and Hatsuko Ukigawa and their innovative work on shaping the computer industry. He said, “Kazunori and Hatsuko Ukigawa invented many of the input methods used today in Asia to operate desktop and mobile devices, holding more than a dozen patents. Their company was the first in Asia to introduce a complete keyboard-based word processing system and office software suite, named Ichitaro, completely compatible with kanji. Because of their pioneering work, both Kazunori and Hatsuko Ukigama enjoy deep respect in the information systems industry across Asia and around the world.”

Mr. Walshaw described how MetaMoJi has stood out among other app developers by providing their apps in more than a dozen languages on every mobile platform, “MetaMoJi’s apps have won awards ever since their introduction. Their advanced handwriting recognition app, mazec, was the first in a long line of personal and business productivity apps, introduced in thirteen languages across the world. Their PDF annotation and note taking app MetaMoJi Note has won multiple awards, including TabTimes’s Tabby Award, the Appy award and the Silver Stevie in the International Business Awards. Since the app is compatible with nearly all mobile devices on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS and Windows, it has become an invaluable productivity app for businesspeople in the field.”

MetaMoJi’s new education initiative includes even more innovation as mobile technology penetrate schools around the world. Mr. Walshaw is quoted as saying, “MetaMoJi Share for Classroom gives teachers an interactive canvas to illustrate their lesson plans in real-time interaction with their students over their tablet computers. Teachers have multiple ways to direct student attention to lessons through different study modes. Lecture mode allows directed attention to the front of the room. Collaborative study mode is also an ideal environment for wraparound tutoring, giving teachers a virtual “look over the shoulder” of each student as they work through the lesson plan, allowing them to pipe in and give individualized instruction as needed.”

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