MetaMoJi Launches Beta Program for MashIQ XBRL Report

MetaMoJi Announces Launch of MashIQ XBRL Analysis and Reporting Solution

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LONDON and TOKYO, April 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ —
– Unlock the Potential of XBRL and Inline XBRL to Provide Business Intelligence and Reduce the Time Taken to Produce and Share Documents With Custom Analysis From Company Financial Data.

MetaMoJi Corporation, a leading XBRL software company based in Tokyo, Japan, announce the launch of their MashIQ XBRL Report product ( Users are invited to download the first and only application that enables them to view, analyse, and report on multiple instances of dimensional XBRL data. MashIQ gives access to multiple sources of XBRL including inline XBRL, US SEC and EDGAR(R) Online I-Metrix data feeds. XBRL instances can be combined for analysis and audit reports, enriched with external data and components such as graphs, and embedded into the XBRL report document editor. MashIQ reports can be published to the web as XHTML, iXBRL and Adobe(R) PDF.

MetaMoJi CEO Kaz Ukigawa explains, “XBRL data is becoming more and more popular and readily available from trusted sources like the US SEC, Financial Publishers and data aggregators like EDGAR(R) Online. XBRL data is not just used by financial regulators but is of great value to a wide variety of business people such as banking institutions, investors, analysts, accountants, and other financial service providers. MashIQ unlocks the potential of XBRL and lets you combine XBRL content with financial content from multiple sources.”

MashIQ XBRL Report was designed for financial professionals to review, analyse, and include XBRL data in their audit and research reports. It helps to review company account filings before submission, audit XBRL and non-XBRL together in a rich visual environment, create investment analysis and better informed investment decisions, and give financial journalists and data users instant access to the accurate figures they need. We provide a single platform to consume, share, and publish financial information.

MashIQ XBRL Report helps users to export their documents as inline XBRL (iXBRL). iXBRL is a specification newly defined by XBRL International with the aim to give users a convenient way to view and reuse XBRL data through their web browser. “XBRL wasn’t designed for human readability, and that introduces risk at every stage of the information lifecycle – from preparation to the review and analysis used to make operational and investment decisions requires human interaction and visualisation of financial data,” says Diane Mueller, MetaMoji research fellow and chair of the XBRL INT technical working group responsible for developing iXBRL. “MashIQ provides a trusted rendering and visualisation solution for composing and publishing reports in inline XBRL designed to be read by people, not machines. Now users can comply with and take advantage of the XBRL standard without incurring new costs, risk and complexity.”
With MashIQ XBRL Report users can view and select comparable financial data in an interactive format right at their fingertips from multiple sources. We make it easier for organisations to perform variance analysis, benchmarking, valuation and other forms of financial review. As XBRL is implemented across the world, everyone who works with financial information will realise the benefits of working with XBRL tagged information.

MashIQ XBRL Report is available now. Interested parties are welcome to download a free version from or send an email to A Japanese language version of the product will also be released this year, and chargeable version is scheduled for 2011. Please contact us for more information about our product solutions and vision for XBRL.

EDGAR is a federally registered trademark of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
About MetaMoJi
MetaMoJi Corporation was incorporated by Mr. & Mrs. Ukigawa, the founders of JustSystems (JASDAQ: 4684) in 2009 to evolve human understanding and interactions with the ever-expanding web of data that is building in organisations, available through the cloud, and published through the internet. MetaMoJi Corporation acquired the entire XBRL, advanced XML handing, and semantic technologies from JustSystems.
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