Press Release: MetaMoJi Launches Collaborative Whiteboard App for Simultaneous Visual Authoring on the iPad

MetaMoJi’s Share Anytime is an interactive whiteboard app for iPad which allows highly visual collaboration of text and images among up to 100 simultaneous meeting participants.

Following the wild success of 7 Notes and Note Anytime, MetaMoJi today introduces a real-time, interactive whiteboard app called Share Anytime to iPad. This collaboration app is a game changer for virtual meetings: enabling dynamic and highly visual collaboration in real-time editing sessions, across town or around the world. Slick vector graphics make the potential for creative team meetings limitless. Flexible role management even allows team managers to “pass the chair” to other team members in real-time without interrupting the session.

Share Anytime allows dozens of meeting participants to simultaneously brainstorm, write, sketch, draw, aggregate documents and collaborate together in dynamic meeting sessions. Most virtual meeting apps or document sharing environments permit only static presentations by one meeting manager at a time, but with Share Anytime, anyone can contribute their inspiration to a Share Note. If teams of collaborators are located in different time zones, Share Anytime also permits any participant to “Check-in” to a team editing session whenever they are available, according to their schedule.

A Share Anytime session can support up to 100 live presenters and scores of active participants – no matter where they may be – across continents and across oceans – a truly “massively multiuser online” (MMO) experience in a team productivity application. With the tagline, “Think Together”, Share Anytime was created to address the need for true interactive collaboration by encouraging meeting participants to “speak up” without interrupting the meeting presenter. A handy chat bar feature makes it possible for any meeting participant to contribute their inspiration to the discussion at any time.

The pricing structure of Share Anytime offers the most affordable team meeting environment on the market. Share Anytime Free will allow anyone to download the app for free and use it to attend limitless amounts of meetings. The free version will also allow users to create and own up to 10 meetings (or 1GB of data transfer) for free, followed by an introductory subscription of $1.99 per month for limitless meetings thereafter (discounted from $7.99). Share Anytime is being released on iPad initially, but later this year it will follow the visionary steps of Note Anytime with complete cross-platform support on iPhone, Android and Windows. Handwriting to text conversion on the fly can be achieved with MetaMoJi’s award winning plug-in called “mazec”.

Share Anytime has been received enthusiastically by users in Japan, where it was first launched several days ago, reaching the #1 spot in the App Store within less than 24 hours. Kazuhiro Shiozawa, professor at the Faculty of Law at Seikei University says, “Share Anytime goes beyond interactive lecturing by permitting me to run a multi-directional class. I can interact with dozens of students and draw pictures and words simultaneously on a single virtual whiteboard while they contribute their ideas together. Share Anytime is an outstanding co-learning system.”

Team Data Aggregation – Share Anytime is a blank canvas that makes it easy for team managers to aggregate and present many different kinds of data into a dynamic presentation. They can import a spreadsheet from Excel, add a document from WORD or PDF, bring in part of a Powerpoint presentation and the entire team can annotate and give input with drawings, handwriting or text. When the team session is complete, the entire document can be saved as a new work product (either in PDF or as another Share Note) and distributed via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

Distance Learning – Share Anytime provides a perfect platform for education, particularly in a distance learning environment. Students can join collaborative study groups, professors can tutor students individually or in a group, teachers can even use Share Anytime to run an interactive lecture with their remote students. With the mazec plug-in, students can even handwrite all of their homework and easily convert to text for easy readability later.

Project Management – Share Anytime is a productive tool for running team meetings, no matter where participants are located. Team managers can take meeting minutes in real-time, while adding graphics, web page captures, photos or documents. All remote teams can provide their input, add to the work product, import other content and the entire sessions will be recorded for later referral. Collaboration files will always be saved an archived into cloud storage and can also be saved to Dropbox or Evernote.

Labs and Research Groups – Share Anytime gives research and development teams a flexible common workspace to collaborate on critical team projects. The slick vector graphic environment of Share Anytime allows R&D teams to sketch schema, import graphs and documents, visually brainstorm new designs and work out formula in highly productive work sessions.

See Share Anytime Live at International Business Awards in Barcelona, Spain; Monday, October 14, 2013 beginning 12 p.m. EST

How to open the document and interact in Share Anytime around the world:

1. Download the free version of Share Anytime: 2. Register a Digital Cabinet account if you want to edit in real-time 3. Open the document on the iPad by clicking on the link: – Share Anytime will join the meeting – Select the pen tool from the toolbar at the top and write or draw!

Share Anytime can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store at the following link:

Share Anytime Free

Share Anytime

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