MetaMoJi Previews a Real-Time Interactive Teaching App “MetaMoJi Share for Classroom” in Japan


MetaMoJi Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, has just announced development of an interactive real-time teaching app called “MetaMoJi Share for Classroom”, planned for release first quarter of 2015. 

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MetaMoJi Education Solutions

From bidirectional to “omnidirectional”. Each member of the class who uses MetaMoJi is the main character. Participation by all students will speed up the sharing of knowledge.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) November 14, 2014 

MetaMoJi Corporation announced today its latest innovation with a new app planned for early next year called “MetaMoJi Share for Classroom”. In a closed door session with a limited set of invited guests and university professors, MetaMoJi showed a sneak peek of their newest invention. The new app will combine the advanced vector graphic editing functions of the digital notebook app MetaMoJi Note with the interactive cloud server technology of MetaMoJi Share, enhanced with specific features optimized for classroom interaction. 

Oji Hashimoto, NEC Corporation Smart Device Business General Manager said, “MetaMoJi Share for Classroom is a tool to help promote information and communication technology in the classroom. I trust that promoting a wealth of creativity and a clear understanding will bring innovation to various classroom scenes. We will continue to collaborate with MetaMoJi, and take our focus on providing customers with products and services in IT to the next level.”

MetaMoJi Share for Classroom was developed in order to address all sides of group study, individual study, and collaborative learning. The result is an interactive whiteboard where teachers can look over the shoulder of students in real-time. Teachers can import lesson plans in PDF or Office formats and interact with students in real-time as they work through the lesson plan. Handwriting functions that feel just like pen and paper make it easy for students to bring out their creativity. Even remote students can participate in dynamic class sessions with live interaction online.

MetaMoJi Share for Classroom was created to help teachers increase engagement among their students. As the teacher works through the lesson plan, entries and answers of all students will be displayed in real-time. Teachers can select entries of an individual or multiple students for presentation. The idea is to promote collaborative learning in groups. For distance learning situations, MetaMoJi Share for Classroom gives teachers a real option to include and engage students no matter where they are located. 

School IT managers will appreciate the easy deployment options for server side deployment through the MetaMoJi Cloud Server. Teachers will appreciate the ability to manage student interaction and keep them engaged. Said Seikei University Faculty of Law Professor, Kazuhiro Shiozawa, “From bidirectional to “omnidirectional”. Each member of the class who uses MetaMoJi is the main character. Participation by all students will speed up the sharing of knowledge.”

Supported platforms for MetaMoJi Share for Classroom will be for both iOS and Windows 8 To find out more about MetaMoJi Education Solutions, please visit the website at

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