MetaMoJi Releases Apple iOS Beta Version of Feature-rich Gemba Note Application for Digital Notebook Users in Japan

Gemba Note has kept the universal editing, photo annotation and voice recording features from the award-winning MetaMoJi Note application, and added a new, expansive set of productivity features.

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By managing all their files in one app—which supports text files, handwritten input, Web files, PDF, spreadsheets, calendars and more—Gemba Note users can easily review of all their data at once.


MetaMoJi Corporation, a leading global provider of business productivity and industry efficiency applications, has announced that a beta version of its new Gemba Note application for digital notebook use is now available for Japanese users of iOS, the mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. and distributed worldwide exclusively for Apple hardware. 

Gemba Note is a new, feature-rich digital notebook app that combines versatility and user-friendliness. Applications for the Gemba Note beta version are now open to Japanese language users on the MetaMoJi website.

In addition, the final version of Gemba Note (free), the Professional version (paid), the Windows beta version (free), and an update to the digital logbook app eYACHO are all planned for global release in the first quarter of 2016.

Gemba – the real place

At MetaMoJi, we are continuing our capture of mobile and tablet markets based on understanding where and how real work takes place, a fundamental concept of the management philosophy of “Gemba”—a Japanese word which means “the real place” and is now used globally in the practice of continuous business-process improvement based on observations and analysis – “from the shop floor up to the very top of the enterprise.”

A practical digital notebook requires features that allow users to manage all their data in one place without switching apps, so that they can get the work they need to do done. By managing all their files in one app – which supports text files, handwritten input, Web files, PDF, spreadsheets, calendars and more – Gemba Note users can easily review of all their data at once. This leads users to a richer understanding of their work, which may lead to better foresight and decision-making.

To fulfil these practical demands, MetaMoJi developed Gemba Note, based on the its award-winning MetaMoJi Note digital notebook application. Gemba Note has kept the universal editing, photo annotation and voice recording features from MetaMoJi Note, and added a new, expansive set of major productivity features such as the following:

Integrated “Date & Calendar” features

Gemba Note’s standard everyday digital notebook is augmented with date and calendar features. Each page is automatically stamped with the date for improved search and reuse abilities. By including calendar data from Google Calendar, Outlook and other apps in the page layout, users can open and edit events in the notebook. On top of that, users can create a mashup display which includes both their calendar and any dates contained within their notes (to-do deadlines, etc.), so that all their schedule-related data is clearly outlined at a single glance.

Flexibility meets uniformity

Along with the flexible, easy-to-use handwriting input feature from MetaMoJi Note, Gemba Note also includes a “Form” feature, which allows for user-defined fields such as spreadsheet fields, calendars, checkbox or drop-down lists to be included directly on the page, so that users can easily create and use standardized forms required for work.

Use the notebook to display/edit multiple files in different formats

In addition to the file formats supported by MetaMoJi Note (text files, handwriting input, and photos), it is possible in Gemba Note to place calendars, spreadsheets and PDF documents as multiple fields on a single page. This allows users to manage multiple files of different formats at once without detracting from ease of use.

Versatility meets ease of use

Gemba Note is loaded with a variety of features, so that users can focus on the completion of a single task without constantly switching between different apps. To eliminate any inherent obstacles, users can create commands or templates with shortcuts defined to suit individual-use or unique business-case scenarios.

Summary of principal new features 

  • Calendar Field. Place multiple calendars on a single page to open and edit events.
  • To-Do Management. Manage deadlines by adding tags to documents, photos or PDFs.
  • Date Management. Access or easily search for previous pages because all pages are automatically appended with the date.
  • Toolbox. Use customized commands and templates for individual case and use scenarios.
  • PDF Field. Place multiple PDF files on one page and manage several documents at once.
  • Form Design. Create standard business forms without any programming.
  • Spreadsheets. Embed spreadsheets in notes to calculate estimates, review business plans, or analyze other operational and financial data.


About MetaMoJi Corporation

MetaMoJi is a premier application developer offering an advanced suite of products designed to be used by consumers, business and education. 

MetaMoJi is committed to producing applications that help people perform tasks more efficiently, allow organizations to improve their processes and deliver a consistent user experience across multiple mobile devices and platforms. Recent awards include a winning place at the 2015 International Business Awards, two Envisioneering awards at CES 2014, and Tabby and Appy awards. 


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