New 7notes App Re-defines Text Writing on iPhone & iPad

New 7notes App Re-defines Text Writing on iPhone & iPad
7notes: Advanced Handwriting app for iPhone and iPad by 7knowledge Corporation.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

7knowledge Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of MetaMoji Corporation, has released it’s new iPhone/iPad app called 7notes ( with advanced handwriting recognition technology and is available for download in the Apple App store globally. 7notes brings its advanced handwriting recognition technology to the text writing experience for both the iPhone and iPad.
7notes is now available in two editions; a free download that includes basic handwriting & keyboard functionality and can easily learn the benefits of switching between modes of input and a Premium edition, users get full access to advanced handwriting recognition including a predictive engine.
7notes allows the user to easily switch between handwriting and keyboard input so a user can take notes in business meetings faster and easier, personalize their documents and social texts with cursive content and share them with their colleagues and friends.
The 7notes Premium edition has built-in handwriting recognition that allows the user to convert their cursive writing into digital text anytime they want. 7notes allows the user to sketch ideas, organize thoughts and share their documents with their colleagues and friends.
7notes Premium represents a major advancement from Apple’s current handwriting recognition technology for the iPhone and iPad as it includes a state-of-the-art proprietary handwriting recognition technology that includes predictive recognition technology for faster more accurate recognition of handwriting.
7notes allows users to take notes on the go with their fingers or a pen for the iPad. The system automatically recognizes handwriting and records it. Users can save them into different document formats as well as connect to Dropbox and Evernote. Standard features include simple note taking features, built-in Spell Checker, autocorrect and auto-completion and PDF Document Creation.
Handwritten notes and symbols can be entered directly onto digitally typed text documents. 7notes allows the user to set styles of the user’s writing including weight of stoke, size, color, etc. Users can switch between Handwriting and Keyboard entry with a single touch.
“This App allows humans to communicate and express themselves in the digital world more naturally” says Kaz Ukigawa, President / CEO of 7knowledge. “The mobile landscape has change the way we interact with these devices and these devices must encourage a natural human interaction element.”
This app has been released on August 4th.
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About 7knowledge Corporation
7knowledge Corporation, subsidiary of MetaMoji, was established by the founders of JustSystems(listed on the JASDAQ) in 2011 to contribute to the advancement of human beings by providing innovative application and services.
The 7knowledge Technical Advisory Board includes:
Dr. David Andreoff Evans – A global leader and innovator in the fields of Information Science and Natural Language Processing Technology, Former Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Past President, CEO & Chief Scientist, JustSystems Evans Research, Inc.
Diane Mueller – Open Standards & Source industry expert, past Vice President, JustSystems Canada Inc,; ISC Member, XBRL International. She has been designing & implementing software at Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard ( since 1999 and currently chairs the XBRL-INT Technical working group on Rendering.
Ben Walshaw – Founder & Director, Fusion242, specializing in software application development for Cloud, web, desktop, mobile device, data transformation & visualization and user interface design. All of who are available for interview and further commentary upon request.
For more information about 7knowledge Corporation, please visit

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