Note Anytime Blog: Harvard graduate student finds Note Anytime to be invaluable – in class and out

Dentist and Harvard Ph.D. candidate Camila Pinto uses the app to take notes in meetings and classes, write messages on her iPhone.

Harvard Dental Scientist Finds Note Anytime to be Invaluable

I am a dentist from Chile. At present, I am studying a PhD in Dental Public Health at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. I just finished my second year, so I have been living in Boston for the last two years.
I use Note Anytime for many purposes: I take notes in my classes and seminars, write email to family and friends, and I keep my journal in Note Anytime. In many classes the professors give us the class slides beforehand, so it is very useful to take notes around them in Note Anytime. I also use the app to take notes in meetings and to write little messages on my iPhone (like I used to do with Post-It notes). I have just started to draw in the app too, but is taking me a while to get used to it.

I like Note Anytime because it gives me the freedom of pen and paper – and at the same time the advantages of writing in a computer file. The first allows me to use my own handwriting if I want, make diagrams, drawings, etc. and the second gives me the possibility to edit my notes later: (change size, color, type of font and so on, add pictures, add web pages etc.). I always use MetaMoJi’s Su-pen stylus. That is another thing that I love. I have used other styluses ,but Su-pen it is totally different: much more sensitive. It feels like a pen and I keep my screen clean of finger prints.
One remarkable, and I think unique feature of Note Anytime, it is that I can use it on any OS. I usually take notes on my Kindle Fire HD that I always carry with me and then edit my files on my notebook (a Sony Vaio with Windows 8). I also have the premium version so I can convert my handwriting to text if I want (since it is kind of hard to write on the screen of a notebook). It is easier to do the edition on my notebook than on a Tablet. I also have the app on my iPhone where I can write phone numbers or short messages. I like how the different versions complement each other. For example, I write something on my Kindle; sync it to my digital cabinet and pick up the same file on my iPhone; then I convert it to PDF. Or if I want to add a web page, I do it on my iPhone or Kindle and simply sync – then I have it in my files on Windows 8. So it not only the possibility to work across platforms, but also how you can complement functions in the different versions.

The other thing that I love about Note Anytime is that I can keep all my notes in digital form, so I don’t have to have notebooks (paper ones) and carry it over. I can save my notes on my external hard drive and have access whenever I want. I do not need so much space to store the notebooks, and I save some trees in the process.
With respect to the features that I would like to see added to the product: in first place a highlighter function, because it difficult to draw a straight line and that it is essential for me, especially when I am working with PDF files. I would like the possibility write in handwriting and then convert it to typed letters (like in 7Notes which I also use a lot). It would be nice to find a way to connect them or something like that. I would love that that function to be included in more languages like in the premium version of Win 8. I would love have the wrist guard function in the Android version. And it would be useful have the possibility of crop images that you take from the web or pictures.

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