Note Anytime for iPhone Introduces a Paradigm Shift as a Universal Note Taker

MetaMoJi released today its wildly popular note taking & sketching tool, Note Anytime, for the iPhone as a complimentary universal app with cross platform support for iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and (soon to be released) Android version.

Note Anytime was created to perfectly mimic the experience of jotting notes or sketching free hand, just as if the digital experience were a true pen and paper. Generous advanced features are provided in the free app for iPhone with a variety of pen and paper styles, PDF annotation capability, social media sharing and interactive web browsing. Now, with universal support for all mobile platforms, MetaMoJi has taken the concept of a sketching tool to a whole new level: Note Anytime is simply a must-have app for a digital mobile lifestyle.

Note Anytime’s advanced authoring ability allows users to sketch limitless variations of notes and drawings around high resolution photos and graphics in a space bigger than a virtual whiteboard. Advanced features include multiple inks with gradient coloring options, calligraphy pens, perfect curve correction for handwriting input and a free cloud based storage function called the Digital Cabinet. No other application on the market offers the rich and innovative toolset of Note Anytime. It provides for free, powerful capabilities that only the most expensive sketching tools offer – all with a simple user interface so intuitive a child can use it.

The “Note Anytime” world allows users to reorganize content on the fly –make more space, make content different colors or change text and graphic sizes and styles. If a user creates something they need to reuse, the drawing can be easily extracted from one document and copied into another, or saved into the item library for reuse later. A new synchronize feature makes it easy and convenient for users to easily carry their notes with them and share between all of their devices: from the desktop, to their tablet or their mobile phone.

If the user wants to quickly display content in a presentation, they can remember the position and “zoom” to a point in the document using the innovative “Jump to” feature. This bookmarking feature brings the slide analogy into a truly interactive digital document with limitless white space and an easy way to find your way around. If a user wants to create a new page of information, they can just continue on the same document, adding greater and greater levels of details and shrink their annotations up or down as required. There is no limit to the versatile creative space within Note Anytime. A new Position Map feature makes it easy for users to find their place as they navigate throughout their document.

Sketching artists will appreciate the high resolution graphic abilities in Note Anytime. No matter how large or small a photo or graphic is expanded or collapsed, Note Anytime will maintain perfect visual integrity. Images can be saved and exported as high resolution at 144 dpi, or at lower resolution with smaller file size as their situation demands. The natural inking experience of various pen styles provides the highest quality handwriting input with perfect curve correction every time. Note Anytime provides advanced features that only the most expensive sketching tools can offer, all in a free cross-platform universal app. Note Anytime for iPhone is a must have for all mobile users.

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Note Anytime is available for download in the iPhone and iPad app store for free at:


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