‘Note Anytime for VAIO™’ Captures Your Inspirations on Newly Released Sony’s VAIO PC

Berlin , Germany

Note Anytime: Advanced digital note app for PC and tablet by MetaMoJi Corporation.

MetaMoJi announces today that “Note Anytime for VAIO” will be released following the launch of Sony’s VAIO PC from the end of October. “Note Anytime for VAIO” is a custom design built enhancing VAIO’s outstanding hardware to recognize your writing, cleverly ignoring the pressure of your palm on the touch screen with the digitizer stylus*. “Our ‘Note Anytime’ enhances the value of Sony’s VAIO,” says MetaMoJi CEO Kaz Ukigawa. He continued, “We hope many users enjoy new writing experience on the brand-new VAIO.” This special release is based upon MetaMoJi’s “Note Anytime”, soon to be released for Widonw 8 and other platforms.

*This feature will only be available on VAIO™ Duo 11.

“Note Anytime” is MetaMoJi’s brand new digital note application designed for PC and tablets of all types. It will be released this autumn for Windows 8, iPad and Android tablets in future.

Note Anytime’s key concepts are:
1. “Intuitive UI” – You can easily write, jot, and sketch notes.
2. “Expression Variety” – Whether you use Note Anytime for a business or a personal setting, you’ll find a template that fits.
3. “Detailed Documents” – You can create documents that are sharp and vibrant on Note Anytime with any high resolution tablet.
4. “Stylish Writing” – Beautiful lettering technology helps you write stylish text every time.

For more information about Note Anytime, please visit the site http://product.metamoji.com/en/anytime/

About MetaMoJi, Corporation

MetaMoJi Corporation was established by the founders of JustSystems (listed on JASDAQ) in 2009. The company’s goal is to contribute to the advancement of society by providing innovative technology application and services. For more information about MetaMoJi and its products visit https://metamoji.com/en/.

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