7 Notes for Android Launches Today with Enhanced Handwriting Recognition and Conversion

MetaMoJi launches today their award winning note taker 7 Notes for Android with an enhanced version of their handwriting recognition tool (mazec) from Google Play.

Anyone who is frustrated with slow input on a keyboard will be delighted with the state-of-the-art handwriting recognition abilities in 7 Notes for Android with mazec. Users can jot notes freehand in any situation and convert that handwriting to text on the fly, or at any time later. Taking notes will be speedy and easy with the advanced predictive engine which suggests common words and phrases as you jot your notes. The result is a vastly superior experience of note taking over other note taking apps, and even over traditional pen and paper.

The MetaMoJi engineering team spent months testing fingers and styluses on a variety of Android devices, focusing primarily on the control, feel, and fit of the applications when writing. The result became the most natural handwriting recognition tool on the marketplace. 7 Notes enables you to mix handwriting recognition into your standard Android experience, removing the reliance on the software keyboard and presenting an alternative to text input.

7 Notes’ state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine, mazec, allows users to take notes on the go using their fingers or a pen. In addition, consumers can use 7 Notes’ mazec as an alternative to keyboard input inside other Android applications such as e-mail, Twitter, and their web browser. Anyone who has bad handwriting or has problems spelling will love the smart predictive engine which suggests common words and phrases on the fly. A revised version of the handwriting recognition engine mazec (now called “mazec2”) is available on Google Play as an input method on May 14th for $7.99.

MetaMoJi’s visionary founder Kazunori Ukigawa had this to say about 7 Notes for Android with mazec: “Many people, especially older people, face difficulty using PCs because of poor user experience of keyboard input. It is very hard to type fast. This is why we started development of a new note taking application which could intelligently recognize each letter and stroke and assist you in jotting your notes quickly. 7notes for Android with mazec redefines text writing and handwriting capability.”

The free version of 7 Notes for Android provides many note taking features users will love, such as handwriting stroke input with smooth curve correction. Handwritten letters or digital text can be decorated with different colors, fonts and styles and notes can be tagged for easy retrieval later. Users can add a creative flair to their notes by importing images or web content. Everyone will love the social features because not only can notes be shared across Facebook and Twitter, but there are “social doodling” functions where users can collaborate on notes and sketches with any other 7 Notes user.

Where the 7 Notes for Android really shines, however, is the Premium version with mazec, offered from the Google Play store at $7.99. Users can take notes sketching freehand and either convert to text on the fly or capture the entire document in handwriting mode and convert to text later. The mazec engine provides both predictive text and spelling correction for all input. 7 Notes for Android with mazec gives users multiple alternatives to text input either within the 7 Notes environment or even in any other Android app:

  • Stroke Mode: Handwritten letters can be converted to typed text now or later
  • Convert Mode: Predictive text and spelling correction while handwriting
  • Keyboard mode: Predictive text and spelling correction while keyboard typing

In order to demonstrate customer loyalty, MetaMoJi is offering a free upgrade to everyone who has previously purchased 7 Notes with mazec beginning May 14. 7 Notes for Android with mazec is available in 13 separate languages (with each language module available at $7.99 or all languages together at $24.99).

7 Notes for Android was awarded the R25 Grand Prix award for “Best Business Android Application” in the recent R25 awards. According to the R25 judges, the app won the award due to its outstanding usability and effectiveness as a note taking tool.

7notes Free

7notes for Android with mazec


For more information about 7notes, please visit the MetaMoJi website at http://product.metamoji.com/en/7notes.html

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