Press Release: Note Anytime for Android Launches Today in 13 Languages Worldwide

MetaMoJi announces its universal note taking and sketching app Note Anytime for Android launches today in 13 languages worldwide from the Google Play store. MetaMoJi announces its universal note taking and sketching app Note Anytime for Android launches today in 13 languages worldwide from the Google Play store.

MetaMoJi Corporation announces today its revolutionary note taking and sketching application Note Anytime can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The product is already the #1 free app in Japan and quickly rising on the charts all over the world. With this release, MetaMoJi completes its vision for a universal mobile note taking application which acts as a “smart pen and paper” to follow users across all of their mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Windows8/RT, Kindle Fire, and now Android phones and tablets. Note Anytime is a vastly superior note taker on all types of smartphones and tablet devices with Android 4.0 and higher.

Note Anytime is a perfect tool for all mobile users to jot notes or to mark up a document, photo or website and then tweet it out or share it on Facebook. They can even surf websites within the app and then capture a piece of it, write or draw comments around it and send it out via email or social media.

For mobile users who own multiple devices, Note Anytime is a must-have app for capturing inspiration on the fly. Every creation in Note Anytime is automatically saved into the cloud and can be easily synchronized between devices for later enhancement. Advanced features like PDF annotation and interactive web browsing set it apart from any other note taking app on the market, especially those offered for free.

The unique vector based authoring capability in Note Anytime make every note and drawing a high quality work of art. Zoom features allow users to expand or collapse any drawing, photo or note while always maintaining perfect visual integrity. Even handwritten or typed text boxes are treated as a work of art, allowing users to change colors or line depth and add advanced calligraphy features for perfect curve correction.

Smartphone and tablet users can use Note Anytime for every aspect of their lives:

  • Families will love marking up photos and drawings, creating greeting cards and tweeting out to their friends or posting to Facebook.
  • Business teams and non-profits will love using Note Anytime as a virtual whiteboard and mindmapping tool. With limitless white space and zoom capabilities of up to 50X scaling, teams can mindmap or mashup any of their ideas with sketches, graphics, photos or files and keep a perfect digital record of the inspiration for all team members later.
  • Mom and kids can do digital scrapbooking (cards, personal notes for special occasions…) of just about anything- from photos on their device, to graphics in the item library to their own creative drawings.
  • Business users can use Note Anytime to sign, initialize or comment on a PDF document and then send out as another PDF.
  • Note Anytime is a great tool for teachers and students alike: 

    – Professors can do live presentations on their tablet and project it.

  • Students can instantly combine notes and drawings in the same document.
  • When users register for Digital Cabinet, they never have to worry about losing data, sketches and drawings or any other critical documents. Automatic save and synchronization means they can pick up where they left off, no matter what device they are on. Universal support means they can sketch a drawing on an Android, pick it up on an iPad and then send it to a Windows 8 desktop without ever losing work.
  • Product enhancements include support for an advanced handwriting recognition add-on called mazec2 ($7.99 for each language version from Google Play) which provides handwriting to text conversion as well as a predictive engine to suggest spelling and sentence structures. Note taking input is lightning fast with this new feature.

Note Anytime was created to replace pen and paper with a vastly superior means to capture inspiration. Devices are with you anywhere you go and with Note Anytime, inspiration can be captured on the fly – regardless of device. Free download is available now.

CONTACT: Pamela Millar Tel: +1-650-798-5082

Note Anytime is available for download in the Google Play app store for Free at:

mazec2 handwriting recognition plug-in:


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