7notes v3 for iPad Now Available – Update Includes Evernote Enhancement, Accuracy Improvement and Local File Management

New version of 7notes for iPad includes new enhancement add-on for Evernote, accuracy improvement and local file management

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011– 7knowledge Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smartphone devices, has announced an update to its 7notes for iPad. The new version, which includes accuracy improvement and enhancement of local file management, also includes a new enhancement add-on for Evernote.
“The wants and needs of tablet users are the same as smart-phone users. However now in addition to using popular lifestyle apps to manage their social lives, many are now relying on apps to enable business productivity as well,” said Kaz Ukigawa, CEO of 7knowledge. “With this new release 7notes for iPad becomes an even more beneficial app for both work and life, and thanks to the new Evernote enhancements users will benefit from Evernote’s notetaking and archiving technology. This makes it even easier for iPad users to create, save, and share their content.”
With its state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine, 7notes provides iPad and iPhone users with a superior note taking experience. The popular app can be used for both work and social purposes, being used in a variety of situations where an on-screen keyboard doesn’t work so well and a more flexible approach is required. 7notes can be used in meetings, classrooms, in hospitals, while traveling – the list is endless. Handwriting capabilities are especially useful for users with medical conditions that prevent or restrict using a keyboard, those that like to unlock their creativity through their hand-writing, or just for situations where taking notes is important but tapping away on a keyboard could seem impolite.
The release of 7notes 3.0 brings improvements in note management and recognition accuracy, allowing users to write, store, and find their notes more efficiently. The optional Evernote enhancement enables 7notes users to:

“Quick Save” with predefined tags to a notebook
Select a notebook to save into
Utilize Evernote tags within 7notes
Create a new tag that also works within Evernote
Save multiple formats (Text , Image , PDF and 7notes documents) into Evernote
Multiple format in a single note to maximize reusability
Read text and 7notes documents in Evernote
7notes is available for download in the iPhone and iPad app store. Current pricing includes 7note HD Premium at $4.99, and Evernote Enhancement AddOn at $3.99. For more information on pricing visit: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id449800424.
7notes for Android is currently in development, due for release in Q1 2012.
About 7knowledge, Corporation
7knowledge Corporation, a subsidiary of Metamoji, was established by the founders of JustSystems (listed on JASDAQ) in 2011 to contribute to the advancement of human beings by providing innovative application and services. 7Knowledge offers solutions that eliminate barriers between smartphone users and their keyboards. With 7notes proprietary state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software, iPad users can take notes on the go with their fingers or a pen and event switch between handwriting and keyboard entry with a single touch. For more information about 7knowledge Corporation please visit http://product.metamoji.com

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