7notes Web Client Now Available To Enable Handwriting Recognition In Web Applications And Native iOS Applications

7notes Web Client: Enhances existing web applications with handwriting recognition to improve business processes by eliminating the need for paper.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

7knowledge Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smartphone devices, today announced the release of its new iPad application,7notes Web Client. Designed to deliver the same advanced handwriting recognition technology found in 7knowledge’s popular mobile app for iPhone and iPad, 7notes Web Client works with existing web applications without the need for coding.

7notes Web Client has been designed to allow business users to access existing web based applications via their iPad with the inclusion of a handwriting recognition input method – a feature frequently requested by users of the Apple device. Now thanks to 7notes Web Client, software users can leverage the benefits of handwriting recognition within their existing application stack, and software suppliers can quickly enhance their existing offering with a version of 7notes Web Client branded to their requirements and distributed through the App Store as required.

7notes Web Client has already delivered value across several industries, including a fashion retail chain and a cookery training organization that use the software to capture registration information about customers and orders. By using 7notes Web Client, each have experienced an increase in customer satisfaction levels and helped to streamline and modernize their operations by removing the need for paper from processes.

“7notes Web Client will deliver tremendous value to business visionaries,” said Kaz Ukigawa, CEO of 7knowledge. “Enabling web applications to incorporate handwriting recognition eliminates many existing paper based processes and can be used to support business process improvements.”
Handwriting rather than typing is a more subtle information capture method in certain business situations, where using a keyboard can make a representative appear that they are not giving their full attention to a consumers needs. Many people still revert to taking notes and capturing important information using pen and paper and then keying this into an application at a later date. Many times this doesn’t happen and the business doesn’t have access to all of its information.

With 7notes Web Client, notes in the organization are no longer lost. Additionally, handwriting is a method that allows consumers who are not technically adept or capable of using a keyboard to arm themselves with technology that can enable better productivity.
7notes Web Client uses the state-of-the-art handwriting recognition and input method proven through the leading productivity application 7notes for the iPad and iPhone.
7notes Web Client has been designed for enterprises to use in situations such as:

Customer facing at retail stores
Capturing answers to survey questions
Replacing paper based forms with web-based alternatives
Sales force reporting into CRM systems
Field support and maintenance within engineering and consumer service provision
Hospitals and other medical facilities for use by doctors, nurses and patients
This app is now available on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id479810423, with an initial price of $149.99.

About 7knowledge, Corporation
7knowledge Corporation, a subsidiary of Metamoji, was established by the founders of JustSystems (listed on JASDAQ) in 2011 to contribute to the advancement of human beings by providing innovative application and services. 7Knowledge offers solutions that eliminate barriers between smartphone users and their keyboards. With 7notes proprietary state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software, iPad users can take notes on the go with their fingers or a pen and event switch between handwriting and keyboard entry with a single touch. For more information about 7knowledge Corporation please visit http://product.metamoji.com/enterprise/en/

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