Education expert Dr. Steve Perry Says Mobile Apps Encourage Collaborative Learning

Dr. Perry sat down for a personal interview with education app developer, MetaMoJi Corporation to share his thoughts about how mobile computers are changing education


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Dr. Steve Perry

Education leader Dr. Steve Perry

There is a democratization of the world through apps

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) March 31, 2015 

In a meeting with award winning app developer MetaMoJi Corporation last week, the education champion Dr. Steve Perry spoke enthusiastically about how mobile computing is quickly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. He said: “Technology is another tool that can improve access to talented educators and can be a platform for effective technology teaching platforms themselves. So anything that expands opportunity is vital to the education conversation.” 

Dr. Perry speaks frequently on CNN as well as at nationwide educational conferences, helping teachers to excel in the classroom. Dr. Perry is founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet school in Hartford, Connecticut. The school has been listed among US News and World’s Report “America’s Best High Schools” due to its 100% graduation rate and placement of students in four year universities. 

Dr. Perry shared with MetaMoJi staff his opinions about the role of mobile technology in collaborative learning: “Tablets give us a window to the world. It is the information super highway and these portals feed information in our direction in ways we have never seen before. The generation that follows could be the smartest we have ever seen, if we can give them the basic skills they need to consume the information.”

Dr. Perry told MetaMoJi that mobile computers, particularly tablets, play a critical role in lifelong learning for students and even their parents. He said, “There are people who are rewriting the way that we work. More and more families have at least one or two people that work from home. So, there is a new strategy that we have for communicating information, whether it be for work or learning. Tablets in particular, and mobile devices in general, provide the opportunity for individuals to learn at their leisure or within the time that is most appropriate.”

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