MetaMoJi Launches mazec Handwriting App as a Keyboard Replacement for All Apps on iOS 8

MetaMoJi today launches a new stand-alone version of its handwriting conversion app, MetaMoji mazec, as an alternative input method to the keyboard for any app running on the new Apple iOS 8 operating system

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2014 

MetaMoJi announced today the launch of its popular handwriting recognition app called MetaMoJi mazec as a third party keyboard offering handwriting as an alternative input method for all apps running on iOS 8 in English. The state-of-the-art technology in mazec has been wildly popular as an add-on feature within MetaMoJi’s award-winning apps MetaMoJi Note and MetaMoJi Share for years, but for the first time mazec is now an iOS-based third party keyboard, thus enabling users to quickly handwrite within any app on the device, such as email, social media, note taking and more. 

Said MetaMoJi co-founder and President Kazunori Ukigawa, “On smart phones, tablets and computers operating with touch technology, entering handwritten text is the most intuitive input method available to users. MetaMoJi mazec has traditionally offered most touch-capable smart devices the widest range of functionality to support different types of input of hand-formed characters across multiple languages worldwide –supporting the quick conversion of even exceptionally long pieces of handwritten-text. Apple-friendly devices, however, have not been capable of supporting the underlying input method editors that are necessary for such advanced handwriting conversions – until iOS 8”. 

Mazec has been appreciated by MetaMoJi application users for years since first being introduced within 7 Notes, followed by the personal productivity app MetaMoJi Note and the group whiteboard app MetaMoJi Share. Users have appreciated mazec’s quick input, curve correction and handwriting to text conversion as well as its extremely accurate predictive text. Now, mazec is available as a standalone handwriting third party keyboard for all apps on iOS enabled devices. Mazec includes one of the world’s most sophisticated registry of popular words and phrases (in both American and British English), but also includes over 100 emojis to be quickly added to any email, note, post or tweet.

Mazec is the only app of its kind in the App Store. Unlike most apps offering handwriting recognition, mazec works at the system level in iOS 8, thus making it available to any app on the device. The sophistication of mazec lies in its semantic dictionary of popular phraseology which runs on top of MyScript handwriting recognition technology. MyScript technology is recognized worldwide as the superior handwriting recognition technology with proven recognition capabilities for text. 

When combined with the vast libraries of words and phrases in the mazec semantic dictionaries, handwriting becomes a lightning fast alternative to keyboard, especially on iPhones. MetaMoJi has also added a shrinked input area to take maximum advantage of writing space on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, making handwriting input easier for both right and left handed people. When used in conjunction with MetaMoJi Note, handwriting to text conversion can be completed either in real time or as an entire batch later, making it handy to jot all notes uninterrupted and leave editing to later.

Added MetaMoJi co-founder Hatsuko Ukigawa who leads the company’s software design teams: “Apple iOS 8 now makes it possible for users to enter handwritten text in most work and communication environments compatible with Apple’s new iOS 8 – including virtually all browsers, e-mail clients and document formats. In short, the iOS 8 launch now opens the way for third party app implementations of generic input methods. Because of that advance by Apple, we are now able to introduce MetaMoJi mazec as a standalone app.”

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