Press Release: MetaMoJi’s Note-Taking App, Note Anytime, Gets an Update for iOS

The multi-award winning note taker, Note Anytime, released today an update for all iOS-enabled mobile devices.


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Note Anytime is a multi-award winning whiteboard, sketchbook and note taker with advanced handwriting recognition

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

MetaMoJi Corp. today released an update to its multi-award-winning note-taking and productivity app, Note Anytime for iOS. Note Anytime has a top 10 ranking in more than a dozen countries and is the only note-taking app that offers a consistent user experience across all major operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows). Its cross-platform and cloud storage capabilities allow Note Anytime users to seamlessly add or change devices without worrying about losing, or not being able to access, their notes.

New features in Note Anytime 2.1 include an option to export notes directly to iTunes, improvements to highlighter pens, enhancements to the Shared Drive function and improved options for organizing folders for easy retrieval later. Note Anytime 2.1 ups the ante in note taking productivity across all platforms. Users can download Note Anytime (current discounted price of $4.99, list price of $7.99) or Note Anytime Lite (free) on all iOS-enabled mobile devices from the iTunes App Store.

Note Anytime version 2.1 expands its compelling features, including handwriting recognition, predictive text in 13 languages, and an innovative and intelligently designed user interface, by offering the following upgrades:

  • Improved Export Functions: Users can now export a note as PDF, JPEG or in Note Anytime format directly to iTunes. Other export options include support for Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox.
  • Shared Drive Improvements: For users who would like to easily share notes with others, the Shared Drive option has been improved with a convenient JOIN button to easily navigate to the target shared folder. Users can also extend the total amount of their Digital Cabinet storage.
  • Highlighter Pen Improvements: The highlighter pen makes it really easy to use Note Anytime for presentations. Users can now specify transparency and opacity levels to their highlighter pen.
  • New Zoom Box Options: Note Anytime 2.1 improves the zoom box with added “Line Ratio” and “Frame Ratio” options. “Frame Ratio” options are used to specify the vertical distance (or ratio) when a user taps the return key on the zoom box. “Line Ratio” (available only with lined papers) specifies how many lines the return key is jumped.
  • Digital Cabinet: Note Anytime users can now choose to sync all their folders or selected folders to Digital Cabinet, a cloud service that allows users to save and manage their documents. New improvements make it easy to search and select notes in Digital Cabinet and to register a note as a template. Users of Note Anytime can specify auto sync intervals to ensure that their notes are always backed up and accessible online and across their devices.
  • Text Conversion: Converting handwriting to text has become even easier. Note Anytime detects where handwritten letters are in a note and converts them to digital text, even when they’re outside text boxes, creating a more flexible work environment.
  • Advanced Editing Options; A new built-in spell checker will allow users to find and replace text within their notes and to easily correct typos.
  • Enhanced Formatting: A number of different text styles have been added, including the option to add bullets, increase/decrease indents, change text box background colors and italicize font. Note Anytime users have unlimited access to optional inks, premium items, papers and note styles for more professional results. Also available to Note Anytime users are new pen styles including highlighters, fountain pens and brushes.
  • Import Features: The import function has been improved to add more files types to Note Anytime, including image and text files, and Microsoft Office files via Google Drive.
  • Extended Connection: There is a new menu item added in this release that provides seamless integration between Note Anytime and Google Drive for easy file sharing and storage. Other “send to cloud” options include Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • Password Protection: Users of Note Anytime now have the option to password protect their notes, ensuring their information is kept safe.

Download Location

Note Anytime can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store at the following link:

Volume purchasing is available in the Apple App Store for both enterprise and education purposes.

About MetaMoJi

MetaMoJi creates products to break barriers between devices and users with revolutionary applications on smartphones and tablet devices. MetaMoJi’s unique innovations give users the comfort of an analog experience with the convenience of digital technology. MetaMoJi’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of human beings with unique applications to collect knowledge, write documents, organize ideas and share them with others. Please visit the corporate site for more information.

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