Press Release: Slovenian Teacher Reports MetaMoJi’s Note Anytime “Gamifies the Learning Experience”

MetaMoji today received a report from a middle school teacher in Slovenia who is using their award-winning note taker Note Anytime to teach children with special needs.


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Note Anytime Gamifies Learning for Students

When they tried it for the first time, a few months ago, they still had the motivation to do it. They wanted it. It is like a game, it “gamifies” the whole learning experience.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Slovenian teacher Bastjan Papez has just reported to MetaMoji Corporation that he has had great success in teaching middle school students with learning challenges by using Note Anytime to make learning fun. According to Mr. Papez, “When they tried it for the first time, a few months ago, they still had the motivation to do it. They wanted it. It is like a game, it “gamifies” the whole learning experience. We like the term too. There was one student highly not committed to work. His reading is like an eleven year old. But when I presented to him the app and the electronic assignment, he read the whole thing slowly, read it again. He asked, he wanted to complete it. On paper, nothing, it was boring. But the same assignment in electronic form, he all of a sudden wanted to finish it because it was like a game. ”

Note Anytime has risen to the top ten app category in a dozen countries with its sleek design capabilities for notes and documents. Since the app acts as a virtual whiteboard environment, combined with high resolution vector graphics drawing ability, it has quickly become a popular sketching and productivity tool across the world. The app is available in 13 languages, but unfortunately for Mr. Papez, Slovenian is not one of them.

Mr. Papez teaches children who are primarily the Romani ethnic minorities, so Slovenian isn’t their native language either. The English version of Note Anytime has been a perfect e-learning tool for stimulating the interest of the children with these learning challenges. According to Mr. Papez “We have exercises like flipboard, flipchart. You know, the card that you flip. I put the word underneath the picture. Especially gypsies, they have huge language disadvantages. They have their own language. So the terms have a picture associated, then we move the picture, see the word and put the picture back. Or, I put a picture of a castle and they have to learn it has a mote, a drawbridge all around it. So I hide the word under a question mark. Then we discuss it, delete the question mark and replace it with a word.”

Standard lesson plans can be imported from popular document formats such as PDF and MS Office documents. This feature has been really helpful for Mr. Papez to help the children follow the lesson plan provided by the Slovenian government. He imports PDF documents and allows the students to use Note Anytime to markup their answers on the provided template. He also imports web content into Note Anytime, such as a link to a Youtube video within an innovative new program called flip learning. Teachers from many parts of the world find Note Anytime to be a productive tool for many learning situations.

You can find out more about e-learning in Slovenia at:

Note Anytime for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store 
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Note Anytime for Windows can be purchased here

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