Tablets and Mobile Productivity Solutions Give Realtors the Competitive Edge

Realtor Image

Tablet computers are a realtor’s dream. A day in the life of an average realtor includes stacks of paperwork. Tablet computers provide an efficient file cabinet to accompany the realtor on the go. In one device there is a camera, the ability to store hundreds of critical documents, a browser to search government records and research property history, and a communications tool for writing to the back office or even speaking in real-time meetings.

Virtual Mashup Tool

The challenge for every realtor is to highlight the property features and secure the sale as soon as possible. With a tablet or smartphone and the proper productivity environment, they will have a competitive edge to attract buyers and close the sale. MetaMoJi’s Mobile Productivity Suite (MPS) provides an ideal platform for aggregating, storing and organizing critical property information. PDF annotation combined with a virtual whiteboard gives the realtor a single productivity environment in which to mash up photos, field notes, graphics, maps and important property records in one place, thus giving him a much broader palette of tools with which to sell the property. MetaMoJi’s platform provides an environment to capture and share a very accurate set of field notes and data on each prospective property without even returning to the office.

Platform Agnostic Productivity

Since realtors are constantly in the field, they need to be connected to both their office and the internet without interruption. Since their phone, tablet and laptop might all have different operating systems, it is important to have a productivity suite that is cross-platform and intercompatible, as well as backed up to the cloud. With the cloud storage feature within the MetaMoJi MPS platform, realtors can aggregate their data and store them in very organized folders for each property listing. Any time a prospective client needs more information, the realtor can quickly access it at their fingertips.

Real World Example of Productivity Gains

Realtors usually look for properties in the office by scanning the Multiple Listing Service and researching property history. They print out the 1-pagers from MLS for the best prospective homes and bring printed documents when meeting with prospective buyers. But what if their clients want to know more about the history of the property or quickly see on a map where all the properties are located? Printing and carrying stacks of pages that tend to look alike can be confusing and frustrating for both the realtor and prospective buyer. With a tablet and the MetaMoJi MPS, all of this information can be mashed up on the fly and presented to clients very quickly. The realtor can create one document with all the property listings, draw a map of the entire area with every property circled and even quickly add some handwritten notes with the mazec handwriting feature. If the client has desires or concerns to share, the realtor can capture critical information in real time by recording voice notes to imbed within the note itself while they are still in the field. The results can be shared with the central office and with the client during the meeting at the property site. They can also use the note taking platform to import, sign and email important legal agreements while still on the property site. In one place, they save time, provide a richer data set to the client and gain the ability to sign documents and submit the offer – all without returning to the office.

Efficiency Gains for Property Managers

Many realtors also manage multiple rental property listings at once. They spend a lot of their time showing properties, distributing lease applications and signing agreements with prospective renters. In most cases, they are also required to conduct a monthly inspection to assess the condition of the place. If a problem is found, they can take a photo with a cell phone or tablet, and make notes within the MetaMoJi MPS and send a work order in real-time while on the property. If the problem is serious, (like a pipe or the roof is leaking), the realtor can immediately call a repair man and email the photos and notes, thus speeding up the process or remediating the problem. Vital information is immediately captured, and never lost or misplaced. Within the Share environment, they can even collaborate in real-time –sketching out a solution to the problem in live interaction. For realtors of all types or field sales people in any situation – MetaMoJi’s MPS can help them gain the efficiency that gives them a competitive edge. The simplicity of the MPS interface masks the true computing power of vector graphic authoring combined with accurate handwriting, voice capture and PDF annotation – all in one sophisticated tool. MetaMoJi Mobile Productivity Suite provides a scalable blank canvas to capture and communicate vital business information.

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