Back to School? Get the most out of your new devices

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Back to School is all about getting productive with tablets and smartphones. After a device happy holiday season, school is back in full swing and many kids are walking around with new phones and tablets on all platforms. Instead of a novelty, these “must-have” devices are everywhere and students and teachers are on the hunt for how to get the maximum productivity for simple things like homework, research, presentation mashups and note taking in class. Here are our top tips for how to use the MetaMoJi Mobile Productivity suite to make learning engaging and fun: 

Create Lively and Engaging Lesson Plans

Both MetaMoJi Note and MetaMoJi Share provide a broad high resolution canvas for you to create lesson plans that are colorful, dynamic, as well as interactive. For example, in history class today’s lesson covers a famous person in history. You can import a photo or drawing of that person, handwrite some fun facts, import an audio clip (if available) and even develop a pop quiz at the end of the lesson which can be distributed to all students via a shared drive.

Voice notes make homework easier

You have to take your notes on the go and sometimes, even handwriting (such as with MetaMoJi mazec) is not quick enough. Audio features in MetaMoJi Note and MMJ Share make it easy to capture audio clips to imbed directly into the note taking session. Because all note taking, drawing and voice recording features are saved into the MetaMoJi Cloud storage service, your notes also then include a time stamp and the ability to track the note taking session.

Markup and share PDF and Office files

PDF import and export features and Microsoft Office import make it easy for you to mash up and build off of standard lesson plans formats. Any document can be marked up with drawings, handwriting or typed text as well as mashed up with photos, webpage captures and audio files. Your options for creativity are endless in custom designing your lesson plan that matches your own personality and teaching style.

Interactive classroom

MetaMoJi Share provides live real time interaction between students and teachers, whether within the school or for distance learning environments. The collaborative whiteboard environment of MetaMoJi Share even allows dozens of real-time participants to collaborate. For teachers, this environment makes it easy and engaging to tutor and look over the shoulder of one or more students in real time. Audio capture also facilitates that these important lessons be preserved to be referred to later.

Jot it quickly and never lose your homework

Students love taking notes in MetaMoJi Note. With the mazec plugin particularly, handwriting is quick and accurate. Those with poor handwriting also have the advantage of curve correction technology and the ability to convert an entire batch of text into typed written reports which can be saved as PDF and sent to the teacher. Due to the MetaMoji cloud service, students should never again have the excuse that the dog ate their homework!

Mashup your book report

The next time you have a report which requires you to do research on the Internet, take advantage of web capture features in MetaMoJi Note. The web page becomes a simple image file which you can markup or mashup with photos and audio files. Make your next book report come to life!

Find out how MetaMoJi Education Solutions Can Help Your School

School administrators will appreciate many of the IT management functions within the environment of MetaMoji Education Solutions. To find out how these high performance productivity tools can help your school learn, please take a look at our education solutions and take a free trial within your school

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