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Crazy Mike’s Apps: One of the best mobile note apps!

One of the best note apps that I have come across is Note Anytime. Note Anytime is super easy to use and packed with great functionality! Another plus for this notes app is that it is available on all major mobile platforms.

TUAW: App updates you don’t want to miss

Capture, share, and access your inspiration anytime, anywhere in this note taking app. Version 2.0 includes new pens, password protection, search/replace text and more.

App Comrade: Note anytime takes note-taking to the next level

Note Anytime is simply amazing and it takes note-taking to the next level. This app has everything you would want in a note app and much, much more. The reason Note Anytime is so good is because it’s not just limited to the classroom. This app is so powerful it can handle taking notes for a student on a field trip or even a realtor on a home-search.

Press Release: MetaMoJi’s Notable Note-Taking App Upgrades User Experience Across All Mobile Platforms

Note Anytime offers cross-platform and cloud storage capabilities to capture and access notes any time, on any iOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile device PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MetaMoJi Corp. today released version 2.0 of its multi-award-winning note-taking and productivity app, Note Anytime, rolling out a host of new features for users. With Note Anytime, users get an intuitive platform with outstanding authoring capabilities that allow users to capture inspiration anywhere,...

Tab Times: 5 best iPad apps for team collaboration and brainstorming

Winner of a recent TabTimes' Tabby Award, Note Anytime has distinguished itself as a powerful collaborative whiteboard tool. It is extremely accurate with stylus or touch input and can be used for PDF and document annotation, whiteboard brainstorming and as a vector graphic sketching tool. Its versatility has allows its use to spread from business collaboration to other consumer-friendly tasks like digital...

Campus Technology: Note Anytime Upgrade Released for Apple, Android and Windows 8

The note-taking and productivity app allows users to write directly on PDF documents, take detailed notes on notepads, perform vector graphing and zoom up to 50x.

Press Release: MetaMoJi Launches Collaborative Whiteboard App for Simultaneous Visual Authoring on the iPad

MetaMoJi's Share Anytime is an interactive whiteboard app for iPad which allows highly visual collaboration of text and images among up to 100 simultaneous meeting participants. Following the wild success of 7 Notes and Note Anytime, MetaMoJi today introduces a real-time, interactive whiteboard app called Share Anytime to iPad. This collaboration app is a game changer for virtual meetings: enabling dynamic and highly visual collaboration in real-time editing sessions, across town or around the...

Press Release: MetaMoJi’s Note Anytime Wins Silver STEVIE® Award in 2013 International Business Awards

MetaMoJi’s Note Anytime, was named the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award at the 10th Annual International Business Awards. The prestigious International Business Awards are judged each year by leading figures in business worldwide. Past judges include Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, and Gary Hamel, who participated in an evaluation process of nominees that takes approximately three months. Their recommendations for winners in more than 70 corporate and individual award categories are announced...

Press Release: TabTimes Announces Note Anytime As Tabby Award Winner 2013 for Best Personal Productivity App

MetaMoji was informed today that its bestselling notetaking app, Note Anytime, was just selected Tabby Award Winner by TabTimes for Best Personal Productivity App of 2013. TabTimes has recognized Note Anytime for product excellence by awarding the Tabby Award for "Best Personal Productivity App for 2013". Tabby Awards is the only competition for the best tablet apps worldwide. Publishers from more than a dozen countries submitted apps to the competition last spring. A panel of 17 tablet...


BIOS: Kazunori and Hatsuko Ukigawa The 1979 marriage of two computer programmers from remote Ehime University in Southern Japan has transformed the world of business and personal computing across Asia after four decades – but this legendary, visionary couple aren’t finished yet. Kazunori and Hatsuko Ukigawa met as classmates at Ehime University on the island of Shikoku. Both were studying electrical engineering and both were focused on computer programming. Both graduated in 1973 and they...

Press Release: MetaMoJi Announces Multilingual Handwriting Recognition Support in Note Anytime for Apple Devices

An upgraded version of the free note taking app, Note Anytime for iOS, now offers support for handwriting recognition and predictive text in 13 languages with the mazec add-on.

Press Release: Note Anytime for Android Upgrade Offers Handwriting Recognition and Premium Subscription

An upgraded version the free note taking app, Note Anytime for Android, has just added easier navigation, support for the mazec handwriting recognition plug- in and subscription to premium features   United States,July 03,2013/ -- July 3, 2013 Palo Alto, CA – MetaMoJi Corporation releases today an upgraded version of their award-winning note taking app, Note Anytime for Android. Navigation features have been added for quick and smooth transition between pages and a One...

Note Anytime Blog: Harvard graduate student finds Note Anytime to be invaluable – in class and out

Dentist and Harvard Ph.D. candidate Camila Pinto uses the app to take notes in meetings and classes, write messages on her iPhone.

Note Anytime Blog: Use Note Anytime as a Virtual Whiteboard in Your Next Team Meeting

The vast virtual white space Note Anytime will give you a billboard-sized workspace to get all of your team ideas documented, drawn and storyboarded as you work together.

Note Anytime Blog: Take along Note Anytime on your summer vacation

Import a vacation photo from your tablet or phone, mash it up with graphics and note down your fondest memories into a personalized card and then tweet it out to your friends and followers or post to Facebook.

Newswatch TV: Note Anytime featured on AppWatch TV

Note Anytime is an outstanding note taking app for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones and even Windows 8 and Kindle Fire.  It is a revolutionary cross-platform note taker, PDF annotation tool, sketching tool and interactive web browser.

Give Me Aps: Note Anytime for Android

Note Anytime is a note taking app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  Feature packed, this free app lets you take notes with a stylus.  It allows you to annotate PDF documents, has a detailed instruction manual and introduces a host of useful add-ons.

Press Release: Revolutionary note taker Note Anytime launches on Kindle Fire Today

Following the wild success of Note Anytime for Apple, Windows and Android devices, MetaMoJi announced today the game changing note taker and sketching tool will support Kindle Fire next.

Press Release: Note Anytime for Android Launches Today in 13 Languages Worldwide

MetaMoJi announces its universal note taking and sketching app Note Anytime for Android launches today in 13 languages worldwide from the Google Play store. MetaMoJi announces its universal note taking and sketching app Note Anytime for Android launches today in 13 languages worldwide from the Google Play store.

7 Notes for Android Launches Today with Enhanced Handwriting Recognition and Conversion

MetaMoJi launches today their award winning note taker 7 Notes for Android with an enhanced version of their handwriting recognition tool (mazec) from Google Play. Anyone who is frustrated with slow input on a keyboard will be delighted with the state-of-the-art handwriting recognition abilities in 7 Notes for Android with mazec. Users can jot notes freehand in any situation and convert that handwriting to text on the fly, or at any time later. Taking notes will be speedy and easy with the...

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime, for the artist in all of us

Children, aspiring artists and professionals alike, will appreciate the ease of use of Note Anytime for sketching, painting, digital card making and scrapbooking.

Note Anytime Blog: Major pharmaceutical company uses Note Anytime as an app of choice

Hidefumi Watanabe, administration chief at a major international pharmaceutical company, introduces Note Anytime at meetings to reduce company’s use of pen and paper records.

Flick! Digital: Flick! Digital interviews MetaMoJi Founders of Note Anytime

MetaMoJi President, Kazunori Ukigawa, and executive director, Hatsuko Ukigawa, were interviewed by flick! but quickly turned the tables to find out how Flick editor Takuta Murakami creatively uses Note Anytime on his own iPad.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is the note-taking app of choice for famous Japanese elementary school

Kamikatsu township recovers from terrible winter disaster by introducing iPads to their school’s curriculum – and use the Note Anytime app to teach the children the fundamentals of calligraphy and recycling.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is the best note-taking tool for live interactive presentations

  As a working palette during a live meeting, Note Anytime replaces slides and provides a vast active white space, limitless zooming in and out (up to 50X) and a jump feature to quickly navigate to any part of the sketch or...

Android AppTests: Note Anytime arrives for Android

Kurzvideo zu Note Anytime.  Den vollständigen Testbericht und Review findet ihr demnächst hier.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is a powerful tool for note taking and music score annotations for award-winning orchestra conductor

Musical visionary Alan Pierson, conductor of the acclaimed ensemble Alarm Will Sound, uses Note Anytime’s rich features to annotate, mark, and take notes on musical scores.

Note Anytime Blog: Note Anytime is powerful virtual whiteboard for venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley

Financial planner Chris Andrews uses Note Anytime and MetaMoJi’s Su-Pen stylus to diagram and annotate his financial plans during meetings with clients.

Note Anytime Blog: Try Note Anytime if you don’t trust your memory!

The Note Anytime app lets you mix the text of your notes with photos, graphics and all the elements of a digital scrapbook to capture memory and thoughts in a rich file that can be safely saved and stored.

John Carter Reports: Note Anytime – A note taker and sketching tool we; worth looking at

A practical review of Note Anytime, a great note taking app and sketching tool for all Apple devices.

Cross-Platform Note Taking App Note Anytime Announces Open Beta for Android

MetaMoJi completes its vision for a universal sketching tool with the announcement of an open beta for the most advanced note taking app - Note Anytime for Android MetaMoJi Corporation announces today an open beta program will begin for the Android version of its revolutionary note taking and sketching application Note Anytime. With this release, MetaMoJi completes its vision for a universal mobile note taking application which acts as a “smart pen and paper” to follow users across all...

Appy Award Finalist Note Anytime by MetaMoJi Releases Update to its Universal Note Taking App

As Appy Award Finalist in the Productivity category, Note Anytime is quickly rising to fame. This innovative note taking and sketching app is free of charge on iOS, Android and Windows 8 MetaMoJi is proud to announce that its free note taking and sketching application called Note Anytime is a Finalist for the Appy Awards in the Productivity apps category. This announcement perfectly coincides with the release of a new software update for its universal iOS version. With cross-platform...

Press Release: Appy Award finalist Note Anytime by MetaMoJi releases update to its universal note-taking app

As Appy Award finalist in the productivity category, Note Anytime is quickly rising to fame.  This innovative note taking and sketching app is free of charge on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Note Anytime Enterprise Edition Now Available For Windows 8

MetaMoJi Corporation announce the Enterprise Edition (EE) of their popular note taking application Note Anytime. The new release gives organizations the option to deploy on a large scale without using the Windows Store. MetaMoJi Corporation, the leading productivity application developer for tablet and smart-phone devices, announces the Enterprise Edition of their popular note taking and PDF annotation app “Note Anytime”. Note Anytime Enterprise Edition (EE) has been optimized for...

Press Release: Accelerating digital note taking

A video that shows the advanced and unique features of Note Anytime.  Among them, easily mash-up PDF, handwritten content, digital text, images and web-page content within your notes.

Business Nikkei: The secret of a hit application: A passion for business productivity

Software visionary Kazunori Ukigawa is past sixty, but that hasn’t stopped his passion for using innovation software to advance business productivity.  Ukigawa and his wife, Hatsuko, are now introducing some of the most innovative applications on the fast-paced market for mobile devices – and they are not letting spoken and written languages be any kind of barriers to them.

Tedahwooga: Note Anytime on Microsoft Surface

Show how you can take notes with the Microsoft Surface – by far the best notetaking app the Surface offers.

iBstund: Note Anytime tutorial

You can use this amazing new touch-screen app to annotate on top of texts and do a myriad of other useful, creative things to important documents, using only your finger or a stylus.

LHS Science: Tutorial – Using Note Anytime

MetaMoJi introduces a revolutionary new app for mobile applications worldwide.

MetaMoJi Releases “7notes Free” for Android and Kindle Tablets

MetaMoJi Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smart-phone devices, proudly announces two new releases of its popular note-taking app: “7notes Free (for Android)” and “7notes Free (Kindle Tablet Edition)” MetaMoJi Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smart-phone devices, proudly announces two new releases of its popular note-taking app: “7notes Free (for Android)” and “7notes Free (Kindle Tablet...
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