MetaMoJi client ScanData UK to use new Yacho digital field book application for CCTV drain surveys and utility mapping

  MetaMoJi’s Yacho digital field book application will be made available to ScanData field engineering teams which work across the UK with that nation’s leading engineering consulting firms, major construction companies and water authorities. Yacho MetaMoJi’s new Yacho application is a game changer for engineers in the field. It will enable us to work with,

MetaMoJi Introduces its New Yacho Digital Field Book Application for Construction Projects Worldwide

MetaMoJi’s Yacho digital field book application is introduced and demonstrated for Apple iPad users in the European construction industry on opening day at the UK Construction Week’s Build Show conference in Birmingham, England.       Get more from your iPad investment with Yacho Yacho easily brings key productivity functions found across multiple industrial and

Obayashi Corporation will use MetaMoJi’s new Yacho digital field book application for construction projects

  Japanese prime contracting giant Obayashi Corporation will use MetaMoJi’s Yacho digital field book application on construction projects worldwide. The Yacho application will be first introduced and demonstrated for Apple iPad users in the European construction industry on October 6 at the UK Construction Week’s Build Show conference in Birmingham, England.   TOKYO SKYTREE (r)

MetaMoJi Reports: Teacher Michael Jephcott Inspires His Young Class With Innovative Mobile App MetaMoJi Share for Classroom to Explain Introductory First Grade Geometry

Teacher Michael Jephcott is using the Share for Classroom ™ application from the MetaMoJi Education Solutions suite to teach his energetic class of six- and seven-year-olds the fundamentals of geometric shapes years before other California children will encounter a formal geometry curriculum.

Why mobile is creating a revolution in personalized blended learning

Why higher education must fully embrace going mobile for today’s students. Nearly two decades have passed since the advent of the internet and already the face of education has been fundamentally turned on its head. Schools of every kind around the world have had to make sweeping changes to the way curriculum is designed and

Leading education expert says tablet computers are rewriting the way we work and learn

Education is quickly changing as more and more tablets and mobile devices are incorporated into the classroom environment. Recently, MetaMoJi staff were honored to have a discussion about tablet apps in the classroom with leading educator Dr. Steve Perry. He is a frequent commentator on education issues for CNN and he speaks at education conferences

Piano teacher recommends MetaMoJi Note as an ideal cross platform teaching environment

Susan Paradis is no ordinary piano teacher, she is an expert of effective teaching methods that other teachers follow. She came to the attention of MetaMoJi staff following an unsolicited blog post she placed on her popular teaching blog recommending MetaMoJi Note as her favorite cross-platform teaching environment. Susan has garnered a loyal following due

MetaMoJi Share Helps Social Studies Teacher Engage Students in Interactive Learning

Hirokazu Kawano finds the collaborative environment of MetaMoJi Share to be an ideal tool in helping him keep students engaged in dynamic and interactive lessons online. Professor Kawano was excited about information technology and its impact on classroom learning. Last year, he conducted an experiment in collaborative group work among his students. Ten students were each

Tablets and Mobile Productivity Solutions Give Realtors the Competitive Edge

Tablet computers are a realtor’s dream. A day in the life of an average realtor includes stacks of paperwork. Tablet computers provide an efficient file cabinet to accompany the realtor on the go. In one device there is a camera, the ability to store hundreds of critical documents, a browser to search government records and

Back to School? Get the most out of your new devices

Back to School is all about getting productive with tablets and smartphones. After a device happy holiday season, school is back in full swing and many kids are walking around with new phones and tablets on all platforms. Instead of a novelty, these “must-have” devices are everywhere and students and teachers are on the hunt